IMO G68 Detail Specification Guide

April 4, 2012 at 7:47 am

Features entertainment on mobile phones in fact it never dies. Intend to repeat the successful debut IMO and IMO W8800 P800 that carries the concept of mobile gaming, IMO launched the G68 IMO. PSP-style design, plus Analog TV as an alternative entertainment.
Born as a mobile game, IMO G68 is designed like a joystick on a PlayStation. Rounding or oval shape was rounded like the design of the Nokia N-Gage. IMO the G68 does not include a conventional alphanumeric keypad. Instead, the G68 IMO buried resistive touch screen measuring 2.4 inches. Call buttons 1 and 2, End call, Softkey and the shortcut key features of the game. With attractive color cast casing makes it look attractive. In addition to the unique contours of the back casing are comfortable in the hand.

Platform: MStar 8532; Display: LCD: 3.2 inch resistive touchscreen
G68 IMO homescreen look no different from other local HP. There is a network indicator, battery, date and hour. Go to the menu page, there is a range of menu icons are presented in a grid. Simple icon form a complex and minimal graphics. To select the various menus on the phone, you can use resistive touch screen. Unfortunately, the response to the finger should be pressed down and not multi touch.

NES Game
IMO the G68 is supported NES games that were implanted into the microSD card. If not included in the sales package, then you can download from the internet. Various NES games like Mario Bros, Zelda comes to the F1 Race in this phone. Variety of key functions like a PSP game adds its own. There is a button to shoot, left-right direction – up and down, jump, up to the button to play / stop.

Analog TV with Auto Scan
In the entertainment sector, IMO G68 also equip themselves to rely on analog TV antenna on the phone body. Catch of the picture is still grainy quality, therefore you have to actively set the direction of antenna set-up to get the best catch. In addition, analog TV display can be displayed in full screen.

1.3 MP camera (1280 x 1024 pixels); EV, Effect, Picture Quality, Continuous Shot: Video recorder; Video Player
IMO the G68 is equipped with a main camera and the quality of indoor shots outdoornya still looks grainy and slightly blurry. Make sure the camera is fairly light in the room. For the video camera function, has a quality that still looks broken and lag.

MP3 player; FM Radio; Polyphonic Ringtones
IMO the G68 is also equipped with MP3 player. With a large speaker holes on the back of the phone, the quality of audio bursts of loud and very powerful. There is a personalized music, but less was the change when you use the speakerphone or headset.

Only rely on GPRS and WAP browser, when tested attempt to open the search engine page IM3, takes 15 seconds to homepage. PULSE have failed several times at the opening of charged sites such as YouTube videos. For the purposes of transfer the file, the phone relies on Bluetooth and data cable.

It is inevitable, every man needs entertainment, including favorite phone. Smart slit taken by IMO to promote the design G68 ala PSP. But unfortunately, still a fairly old school NES games. What is more heavily dependent on MicroSD for storing in the storage game. Contains the MicroSD game automatically if it is lost, then this phone is nothing more than a PSP-shaped phone, or do you even bother to download the game again.


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